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       TIPTO EIGHT 缆绳是由高性能九力纤维和涤纶混合制作而成的一种高强度缆绳,这种完美的结合和构造,使它具有较低的伸长率,在使用时,能够保持更好的稳定性和安全性。另外,它还具有很好的耐磨性能,使用更为广泛。他们都由八股锭盘,每两对交错编织而成。

TIPTO EIGHT    rope retains superior breaking strength originated from technically reinforced composition of high tenacity JL-yarn and polyester. This ideal composition and construction creates extremely low elongation which offers stability and safety when the rope is overloaded and makes the rope sustaining its properties even after a long period using in sea water. This rope has excellent resistance to abrasion and will become more flexible and easier to handle with extensive use. They are produced by a plaiting machine containing eight reels, each containing one strand, groups of two reels interweave as a pair around the other pairs of reels to produce an eight strands rope of a similar square cross section.

主要性能  >>  Main performance

◎ 材料:高性能九力纤维和涤纶混合
◎ 结构:八股编织
◎ 应用:海洋、渔业
◎ 颜色:橙色带绿色标记
◎ 比重:0.94  浮于水
◎ 熔点:165℃ / 260℃
◎ 耐磨性:很好
◎ 防紫外线:好
◎ 使用环境:最大70℃
◎ 耐化学腐蚀性:好  对溶剂和强氧化剂有轻微反应
◎ 干湿性能:湿强度=干强度
◎ 使用范围:渔业、海洋工程、系泊
◎ 每卷长度:220m
◎ 结强力损失:±10%
◎ 重量和长度误差:5%
◎ 最小破断力:根据ISO2307标准说明
◎ 如果需要其他尺寸,可以根据客户要求定制

◎ Material: High tenacity JL-yarn  High tenacity
◎ Construction: 8 strand plaited
◎ Treatment: Marine fishing, Offshore
◎ Colour of Rope: orange with green marker yarns
◎ Approx. Spec. Density 0.94 floating
◎ Melting Point: 165℃ / 260℃
◎ Abrasion Resistance: Very good
◎ U.V.resistance: Good
◎ Temperature resistance: 70℃max continuous
◎ Chemical resistance: Good, solvents and strong
oxidizer may have a mild effect
◎ Dry & wet conditions: Wet strength equals dry strength
◎ Range of use: Fishing, inland shipping, merchant,
navy, industry, mooring
◎ Coil length: 220m
◎ Spliced strength: 10%
◎ Weight and length tolerance: 5%
◎ MBL = Minimum Breaking Load conform ISO 2307
◎ Other sizes available upon request

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